Gap Systems defines itself by its outstanding client service and care. We’re justifiably proud of our 100% client retention rate.

Evaluating The Market

Finding the right workflow solution for your business can be a challenge particularly at the very early stages when conducting an initial Internet search.

  • How do you differentiate the providers?
  • What do you really need vs. what you really want?
  • How do you know if each solution can truly deliver what is claimed?

Here at Gap Systems we can clearly define ourselves by the following differentiators –

GAP comprehended our business needs and through their industry knowledge helped deliver new process on time and to budget.

Martyn Pashley

Senior Manager IT, LF Europe

100% client retention rate

Since Smartflow was first launched back in 2007 Gap Systems has achieved a 100% direct client retention rate. In fact, the majority of our Clients extend the use of Smartflow to track and manage their wider process, increasing the original project scope. We have many thousands of end users globally as a result of this success.

Cost efficient solution

Smartflow creates functionality bundles to meet your specific requirements. It is an out of the box business user configurable solution that provides the flexibility to map any type of business process enabling each Client to have a bespoke Smartflow solution but without the high price tag associated with a customized solution.

Professional and proactive service

From the moment that each Client engages with Gap Systems, we listen to your requirements, understand your needs and demonstrate the benefits that Smartflow can deliver to your business.

This approach is adopted throughout the evaluation process, the scoping, the training and implementation. Once Smartflow has been deployed we continue to listen and understand the evolving challenges faced by our Clients.

Browser based

Online software is essential when deploying within corporate environments or where you are intending on having Users within those types of environments. As long as you have internet access you can start using Smartflow and DaVinci. The software was developed without the need for Java or Silverlight applications which ensures that it is not blocked by corporate IT policy, providing reassurance that Smartflow can be deployed not only internally but across supply chain partners and Clients without restriction. Our software is used globally and Users can access their workspace even in the most challenging global regions with very strict IT policy.

Quick to deploy

Because Smartflow is very easy to configure, is flexible and highly functional, Gap Systems do not need to customize the code to deliver a bespoke solution. We will work with you to help define and map your processes then once agreed we will create your Smartflow solution. We see this as an iterative process until fully refined. Deployment time is dependent upon the project scope but we can deliver a defined New Product Development process within weeks rather than months or years.


Client references

References can be readily provided from Clients that faced similar requirements and challenges before they implemented Smartflow. We encourage any potential new customer to seek at least three client references from all the software providers that you are evaluating to get a better understanding of the software and the benefits it brings. It is just as important to understand the service, support, approach and personality of each.



Integrations do not need to be challenging. Here at Gap we have proven experience at managing both simple and complex bi-directional integrations with Client ERP systems, MIS and Studio tools using either a standard Smartflow API or conducting bespoke integrations.

Smartflow evolves

Due to our aggressive development roadmap which is defined by our Clients, you can be reassured that a Smartflow system will never become out of date. Gap Systems regularly release new functionality from which all of our Clients can choose to benefit, as it is delivered as part of their SaaS agreement.


Fair Use licensing policy

Our Fair Use policy provides the flexibility to have an unlimited number of Users assigned to your Smartflow system. For a collaborative solution to be successful, it is critical that each User has a positive experience when accessing their workspace and never gets blocked from actioning a task due to the licence limit being exceeded. It is crucial that each Client has the confidence that internal teams, supply chain partners and customers can be readily incorporated into the workflows without restriction. Gap Systems believe that to be charged per name does not factor in peaks and troughs of activity, and can lead to higher costs. Allowing unlimited Users within Smartflow provides complete flexibility to our Clients.


Robust and Reliable

Smartflow is proven in very complex production environments, with some of our Clients handling thousands of projects per month. To have an out of the box solution that is configurable ensures that the infrastructure and architecture of the system is the same for all Clients. The highly flexible, functional and configurable capability of Smartflow provides a bespoke system for all but without the lengthy implementation time, high costs and lack of reliability that can be associated with customized options.



Smartflow was designed from the ground up with medium to large enterprise deployments in mind, ensuring that it had the appropriate architecture for our Clients to easily scale up the use of the system. Our deployments range from small workgroups through to global enterprise. No matter what the size of the project scope, Smartflow will consistently deliver high performance in terms of speed, reliability and accessibility. In fact, once implemented many of our Clients extend the use of the Smartflow into projects beyond the original scope.

Strict SLA adherence

SLA adherence part of our standard contract. We guarantee that Smartflow is a robust, reliable and secure solution that is proven within very high and complex production environments. Therefore we have metrics to reflect our claims.