60-75% reduction in artwork review / approval cycle time
60-80% reduction in process & task management time
100% elimination of product recalls
40-60% reduction in time to market
Transforming business process for FMCG brands
Elimination product recalls for pharmaceutical organisations
Getting products to market faster for retailers
  • Simplify & improve all your project management business processes
  • Enhance your NPD & PLM briefing processes linked to business logic for all key stakeholders
  • Remove your dependence upon Excel spreadsheets to plan & track activities
  • Create automated digital critical paths replicating your ways of working
  • Enjoy visibility, traceablity & reporting across all operations
  • Drive real time collaboration between teams delivering consistency & compliance
  • Gain significant time & cost reduction linked to increased efficiencies

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Workflow Manager

Digital workflows co-ordinate projects & control tasks across cross-functional teams responsible for NPD, PLM & artwork approval activities.

Project Manager

Project Manager is linked to the 
main Smartflow engine and 
enables Users to plan and 
manage work as it moves through
 the process.

PIM & Data Manager

This allows clients to manage and approve data from multiple sources, always ensuring the correct copy is used for packaging related artwork and marketing literature.

Artwork Creator

Using a range of pre-approved templates users can create their own artwork. Artwork Creator is ideal for making simple copy or images changes to an existing piece of artwork.

DaVinci Approval

Invite & collaborate within your critical path, approval of artwork packaging labels. DaVinci enables users to operate simultaneously reviewing, annotating & commenting, before rejecting or approving files to the next stage gate.

Asset Manager

Ensures all approved versions of artwork and supporting documentation e.g. product information, cutter guides and imagery are stored, managed and accessed through one central location.

Reporting Manager

Reporting Manager give 
User’s access to up-to-the-minute reporting on all activity as it moves through the system.

Artwork Approver

Invite, collaborate and approve artwork. Artwork Approver enables Users to simultaneously review, annotate and add comments to artwork, before rejecting or approving to the next stage.

At Gap Systems we understand that no two Clients have the same processes, requirements and needs. We take the time to fully understand the challenges that are faced within each environment and deliver a Smartflow solution that is mapped accordingly.

Smartflow is an enterprise project business management tool kit that delivers resource content management modules designed for New Product Development (NPD), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Enterprise Marketing Resource Management (EMRM) and Labelling & Artwork Approval Management / Automation of Labelling Artwork (LAM). Smartflow provides an all-in-one product development and marketing platform that unites and integrates people, data, processes and business systems.

It provides product information for companies and their extended supply chain enterprises, replicating process and delivering, where required, new interactive digital ways of working, smartly & uniquely. The Smartflow software helps organisations overcome the increased pressure and complexity of their operational challenges linked to the development of new products, packaging artwork approvals and labelling automation required for in today’s global competitive markets within the Pharmaceutical, FMCG & Retail business sectors.

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