Audit History

Smartflow will automatically keep a permanent record of all approval points, status, dates and Users associated with the critical path.



Advanced Audit of Activities

Smartflow records all data captured within projects:

  • Who said what
  • Who did what
  • When they did it

Project Context Sensitivity

Smartflow intelligently handles context sensitive issues. For example, once a user has issued a decision on an artwork, they cannot add more annotation to corrupt the audit trail.

Complete Version History

Smartflow records all version history for all artworks and will record all comments, annotations and approval/rejection decisions by each user, task and date/time stamp.

All data fields have a clear audit history so if any information is changed then a log exists to show before and after values, who made the change and when.


Smartflow is compliant to FDA CFR21/11.


  • Micro-level audit data.
  • Smartflow automates the whole process efficiently delivering audit information with laser accuracy.
  • Smartflow keeps a permanent audit trail of the entire process but does so in a very user friendly and intuitive way.
  • The audit history enables the process to be streamlined.
  • Monitor performance of internal departments, supply chain partners and customers.
  • Provides rich reporting data.

What our clients say

dermalogica-50pxBefore Smartflow, we were drowning in paper — which required more manpower to manage, and made referencing past projects really difficult. Now, our entire organization has access to the information they need — whether artwork files, legal/QC approvals.  It makes for a much more efficient workflow, and more clear accountability for each person’s role in a project.

Mathew Divaris

VP Of Global Marketing, Dermalogica

real-50pxSmartflow from Gap has the power and flexibility to enable it to be much more than a system for just managing artwork approvals.

We use it to manage the packaging lifecycle, from the initial idea through to pack delivery, across multiple departments and regions.

Simone A. Meyer

Senior Solution Manager, Real Group Holding Gmbh

pharmavite logo 80pxGap Systems truly transformed our creative services process. This has improved our efficiencies in terms of both times and resources, and best of all, it has allowed our designers to do what they do best…create!

Jennifer Murasky

Director of Indirect Sourcing & Shared Services, Pharmavite

nisbets-50px-narrowAs a global business the biggest advantage of integrating Smartflow into our organisation is 24hr proofing and instant feedback. Another big advantage of SmartFlow is project control. It is so much easier when it’s all online than in the old days of chasing pieces of paper around office! Using Smartflow has helped the wider business finally understand the true volume of output from the Marketing dept!

Mark Conron

Marketing Planning Manager, Nisbets