…needed a formalized collaborative artwork approval process.

Case Study

What was your business issue?

We needed a way to formalise our artwork approval process in such a way that our global 3rd parties could participate in the solution.

How did you evaluate the market place?

We knew we needed a web based solution and shortlisted three suppliers who worked in image and artwork solutions. Only GAP provided the versioning we wanted.

How you use smartflow and how has it impacted on your process?

We have greatly improved our gatekeeper checks, improved process visibility , achieved a demonstrable audit for our customers and enabled full version control

Please provide any stakeholder feedback?

Working with Gap is not like working with other IT service providers. They have experienced staff who understand our needs and have a clear comprehension of the business issues and how to solve them.

How would you describe working with Gap systems?

GAP staff have been extremely helpful and flexible in their approach to service delivery.

Please provide a brief testimonial that Gap could use in the future

GAP comprehended our business needs and through their industry knowledge helped deliver new process on time and to budget.