7 packaging trends your business needs to know in 2017

At a time where the pace of change for brands and retailers has never been so fast, competitive advantage lies in getting to market quickly, smartly and cost effectively, whilst having the agility to deal with new digital disruptions and external innovations linked to ever-changing consumer demands.

Here are our top 7 packaging trends that your business needs to know this year:

1. Packaging structure will influence brand perception

1 in 3 adults believes the look and feel of food packaging indicates product quality.

In 2017, shoppers will be influenced by more than just graphical design; the structure and make-up of product packaging will heavily influence their decision to purchase an item.

2. Demand for packaging waste reduction will grow

55% of consumers are willing to pay more for products by companies committed to making a positive environmental impact.

The desire to reduce unnecessary packaging is nothing new, but the volume of consumers backing this movement is growing – spurred on by the introduction of 5p carrier bag charges in the UK in 2015.

3. Smart packaging will start making it mainstream

There will be 1.2 million Near Field Communication (NFC)-enabled handsets by 2018.

The growth of NFC technology is driving new interest in smart packaging, which consumers can scan to find out more information or interact with an item.

4. Packaging will become more personal

Coca-Cola’s named bottles increased sales by 2% after year-on-year declines.

Across retail, the demand for greater personalisation is growing – and packaging is no exception. Brands investing in customised packaging are already seeing an uplift in sales.

5. The online appearance of packaging will grow more important

35% of consumers believe social media influences their purchasing decisions.

The rise of social commerce means there are more digital opportunities to purchase than ever before. In 2017, brands and manufacturers need to think carefully about how their packaging looks online to ensure it resonates with connected shoppers.

6. Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) will speed up….

1 in every 2 UK consumers describe themselves as more impatient now than five years ago.As the consumer’s pace of operation quickens, so does PLM. In 2017, companies will be under greater pressure than ever to speed up the introduction of new products and packaging changes to move at the speed of their customers.

7. …and 3D printing will make it even faster

The 3D printing industry will be worth $26 billion by 2019.Another pressure that will increasingly speed up PLM is the growth of 3D printing, which will enable manufacturers to develop novel packaging formats in response to customer demand. This means companies using traditional methods will need to be quicker, more efficient and more co-ordinated than ever before to keep pace.

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