The Gap Team has the experience, skills and knowledge to understand your business and deliver the Smartflow solution you need.

Our Vision

Gap Systems was founded with the core goal of helping organisations work more efficiently together. Recognising that most organisations have complex supply chains and that getting products to market is often part art and part science, we set about developing a powerful but simple to use web based solution that could really streamline the product development process. We believe that clients should not be locked in to any one vendor or supply chain partner and that clients should be in control of their workflow and business processes. We believe collaboration is at it’s best when all parties in the supply chain realise benefit and value.

Our Vision

nisbets-50pxEverybody’s opinion counts the same when using this platform to provide feedback. We get input from stock controllers, retail managers, contact centre supervisors, right through to board level and it has helped integrate the various business functions.

Mark Conron

Marketing Planning Manager, Nisbets

Our People

Our People

Gap Systems has a continually growing team of people within Client Services, Project Management, Implementation and Development.  The Team combined with our software is what makes Gap Systems so successful and ensures that we maintain long term relationships with our Clients.

The Gap Team has the experience, skills and knowledge to understand your business and listen to your requirements.  Whilst we are an IT company we do not take a purely technical IT approach, preferring to work with the business users to fully understand your processes and configure Smartflow accordingly.

We recognise that all our Clients have the same goal of getting product to market, but also all have varying methods of doing so.  The flexibility of Smartflow enables your processes to be readily mapped but it is the Gap Team that ensures this is done in the most productive and efficient way by listening to your challenges and needs.

real-50pxGap Systems have developed an outstanding flexible workflow solution which is incredibly user friendly, which had an extremely short implementation phase for all six Real countries plus our business partners worldwide. Our staff love it because it’s easy to use, flexible and fast. It’s an outstanding solution.

Simone A. Meyer

Senior Solution Manager, Real Group Holding Gmbh

Company History

Gap Systems Ltd are a software and consulting services organization that was set up in 2002. We began by being the sole global distributor and implementation partner for the software division of a global brand management and artwork production organisation.

During this time we successfully implemented many global packaging and artwork approval systems, including their largest global artwork management systems implementation.

In 2006, we began our in-house development of Smartflow, our current flagship and market leading solution. Recognising that the Web was changing the way organisations work and collaborate together, we designed Smartflow from the ground up to be the most flexible and easy to use web based business process solution available.

We wanted to offer a solution that was not just restricted to artwork management, understanding that the graphics lifecycle management is just one component of the wider Marketing and New Product Development Process.

Our solutions are designed to be collaborative across supply chain partners and Clients, we therefore understand the importance of having browser based viewing technology and developed DaVinci to be our review, annotation and approval tool. Our DaVinci technology eliminates the need for Java applets and Silverlight plugins therefore enabling internal and external teams to collaboratively approve without corporate IT restrictions.

Gap Systems Ltd own 100% of the intellectual property for both Smartflow and DaVinci, we have an aggressive development roadmap to ensure that Smartflow and DaVinci meet the demands faced by Marketing and New Product Development departments both for today and tomorrow.

We have maintained a 100% direct client retention rate, since our first Smartflow deployment in 2007. We pride ourselves that all our Clients are referenceable and we work closely with our Clients on an ongoing basis to understand their business challenges.

Today Smartflow is used and trusted by world leading brands, retailers, CPG and pharmaceutical organisations, all of whom are realising significant business benefits such as reduced time to market, reduced costs and increased efficiency.

Our Global Reach

Most of our clients operate globally and many source products from Asia working with local supply chain partners. To support this we have offices in

  • UK
  • Hong Kong
  • China
  • Indonesia